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双语阅读 欧盟VS谷歌:并不如意 2

2017-12-06来源: 经济学人浏览量:
   If Google were to degrade its search results bydemoting links to better services, users would justswitch to a rival service, such as Bing orDuckDuckGo.   如果谷歌能够通过降低到更好服务的链接来压榨自己的搜索质量,用户将会切换到竞争对手的服务去,如Bing或者DuckDuckGo。   But as digital platforms have grown ever bigger, that thinking has started to change, even inAmerica.   但即使是在美国随着数字平台越来越大,这种想法已经开始改变。   A growing number of antitrust experts now accept the commission's view, that network effectscreate high barriers to entry in online markets.   如今,越来越多的反垄断专家认同委员会的观点即网络效应给在线市场设置了高准入门槛。   This means that Google, for instance, can in fact degrade its search results selectively (anddisadvantageously to its direct competitors) without having to fear that its users will defect, says Maurice Stucke of the University of Tennessee.   田纳西大学的莫里斯·斯托克认为,这意味着谷歌事实上可以选择性地降低其搜索结果质量使其不利于直接竞争对手而不必担心其用户会流失。   “We need these super-platforms to adhere to a principle of neutrality,” he says.   他说:“我们需要这些超级平台坚持中立原则。”   How can such a principle be enforced?   那么,该如何实施莫里斯·斯托克所倡导的原则呢?   In the case at hand Google could just feed all search queries through one algorithm and doaway with the second one that produces the Google Shopping results.   就目前情况来看,谷歌可以通过一个算法程序来运算处理所有的搜索请求,并且去掉与谷歌购物搜索结果一致的答案。   But what if this one algorithm still ends up putting Google's links on top?   但是如果这样的算法最终还是把谷歌搜索链接放在上面呢?   Will the commission then force the firm to reveal its inner workings and even rewrite it?   委员会是否会迫使该公司披露其内部运作甚至重新编写算法?   If search algorithms become more personalised, as is expected to be the case with digitalassistants such as Amazon's Alexa, it will be even more difficult to detect bias.   如果这款搜索算法变得更加人性化了。诸如提供像亚马逊Alexa一样的数字助理搜索,偏见将会更难检测出来。   Ms Vestager can put such questions aside for themoment.   维斯特格女士可以把这个问题放在一边的。   But this week's decision sets a precedent.   但是本周的决定开创了一个先例。   Her team will now examine other offerings fromGoogle, including travel information and reviews oflocal businesses.   她的团队现在将调查谷歌的其他产品,包括旅游信息和当地企业的评论。   It may well push for scrupulously equal treatment in these fields, too—which would limit howthe search giant can combine and link its services, at least in Europe.   这一举动有可能推动在这些领域获得充分的平等待遇,此外也将限制至少在欧洲搜索巨头组合和连接其服务的行为。   Ms Vestager has let it be known, too, that Google is likely to be found guilty in the two othercases she has launched against it.   而且维斯特格女士也放话,经过她们团队的调查发现谷歌很可能在她提出的另外两起案件中有违法行为。   One deals with Android, its mobile operating system, and whether the firm has used it toprotect and expand its position in online search.   一个项目调查涉及到Android安卓的移动操作系统,以及谷歌是否用该系统来保护和扩大它的在线搜索地位。   The other examines whether Google has hurt competition in online advertising.   另一个项目调查则涉及到了谷歌是否破坏了在线广告的竞争环境。   Brussels insiders say that decisions (and further hefty fines) may come as soon as July.   布鲁塞尔的内部人士表示,最终裁决(以及进一步的重罚)将会在七月有结果。   Fair competition is essential in an industry that is reshaping society rapidly, Ms Vestagerargues.   维斯特格女士认为,公平竞争是一个行业乃至社会迅速发展是必不可少的要素之一。   As the cases, and the fines, pile on, there is sure to be resistance from across the Atlantic—and perhaps even sympathy for Google.   然而随着调查案件和罚款的堆积,大西洋各地肯定产生异议,甚至可能会同情谷歌公司的遭遇。   Even her fans wonder whether Ms Vestager is too zealous.   即使是维斯特格女士的支持者都质疑她的此次盲目热心举动。   But it may require someone as forceful as the Dane to take on the biggest platforms.   因此这也需要像迪恩这样有说服力的人来作为此次活动幕后的领导者。     重点词组:   1.for instance 例如   例句:There are jobs more dangerous than truckdriving; for instance, training lions.   有的工作比驾驶卡车更危险,例如驯狮。   2.end up 结束;终结   例句:She could have ended up a millionairess.   她本可以成为百万富婆的。   3.network effect 互联网效应   例句:This is not growth by network effect alone.   这已不再是单纯依靠网络效应推动的增长。   4.switch to 转换;切换   例句:Milk rounds are threatened as customers switch to buying from supermarkets.   随着顾客转而从超市购买牛奶,送牛奶的生意受到了威胁。   5.put aside 撇开;搁置   例句:We should put aside our differences anddiscuss the things we have in common.   我们应当抛开分歧,讨论一下我们的共同点。   6.as soon as 一...就   例句:As soon as I told her my name, she clammed up.   我告诉她我的名字后,她就什么也不说了。   7.found guilty 被判有罪   例句:They had been found guilty of armed robbery.   他们被判犯有持械抢劫罪。   8.take on 呈现;穿上;承担   例句:No other organisation was able or willing to take on the job.   没有任何别的组织有能力或愿意承担此项工作。     相关推荐:   双语阅读 欧盟VS谷歌:并不如意 1    双语阅读 优步迎接新时代的考验   双语阅读 非洲金矿开采:金手铐

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